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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2018 12:00am-12:16am CET

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this is the dubliners live from berlin u.s. president donald trump passed to deliver his first state of the union address celebrates of robust economy a push for congressional action on immigration will bring you a preview from washington also on the program kenya's opposition leader stages his own presidential inauguration and then the government outlaws his political
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movements so is the scene set for more political violence. on germany's would be governing coalition parties hammer out a deal to allow refugees to bring family members to join. i'm still go welcome to the program later today u.s. president donald trump will deliver his first state of the union address laying out his government's agenda for the year as have a look at a couple of the key issues he's likely to address on trade it's america first during his speech at the world economic forum in davos mr trump sat there american economy remains his top priority and that the nation was open for business but america first does not mean america alone when the united states grows so does the world. immigration and the future of the so-called
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dreamers will be the other key issue the president suggested as you open to protecting the seven hundred thousand children of undocumented migrants who live in the u.s. illegally in return he wants senate to approve billions of dollars in border security funding. more than on this coming speech from g.w. so washington bureau chief alexandra novel welcome alexander what are you expecting from tonight's speech. president talk today about what is supposed to be his main message during a lunch with network and curse and he said quote i want to bring our country back from a tremendous divisiveness and he also said quote i would love to be able to bring our country into a great form of unity and that's what he's aides also told us that we can expect an
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optimistic unifying speech and speech in which president trump is expected to call upon congress to get behind his ambitious infrastructure plan his ambitious immigration plan a speech in which donald trump is expected to tell his chief men and his aides told us that the president is going to convince his audience and all americans are profiting under his presidency that all americans from all backgrounds are being lifted up by his poll this is this however is a tough sell with many americans when we look at the president's approval rating which is floating around forty percent and that is at a record low. so if these briefings you're getting are correct and this is going to be a very different speech from donald trump this is as you say a unifier rather than a divider talking to the whole of the country rather than talking just to his base . well yes but actually that could be
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a similar speech that the one the one we saw last year during his first address to congress which was technically not the state of the union address and if president trump sticks to when he sticks to his script he can be very personal persuasive and likable but the problem is for him to stay on message and the problem is also that the situation now is quite a different after this first year of trump's presidency and many people are skeptical because stacy even if the speech is grade what is going to happen tomorrow on twitter or or during the next rarely so many people are skeptical and the president will be talking to a very divided congress divided nation and a number of democratic lawmakers has already have or it has already announced that they are going to boycott the state of the union address sunday from normal in
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washington thank you. let us pick up that this point about which tribe we will see tonight where the political scientist castle's also specializes in u.s. government so welcome nicholas which trump are you expecting to see or you trump or tweeting trump. something in between i think that the state of the union is too important for president and his agenda to win it. to say that put that bluntly but on the other hand off the cuff remarks will be part are part of his style so we'll see what the him promises on and the state of the union speech who is it for is this is this a domestically focused speech or does he have an eye on the international audience i don't think so i think that try president trump has always shown the disdain for the international community for the rules based approach that the international community works on that was championed by the united states for decades i don't
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think that this is and then remember remember the state of the union is about the union so it's just fair and square for a president to address his audience or address americans as a whole but it surely will not be about american allies abroad or their interests what about alexandra's point the briefing that she received in which it was said that mr trump wanted to be a unifying factor can he. he promised the dream a stucco recipients a bill of love from congress and something was put on his table he didn't sign it by republicans mind you so i'm rather skeptical as i mean of course as always it's very hard to predict don't trust behavior nevertheless i am skeptic so but he's got to offer if he is genuine and sincere in this desire for unity and he needs
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bipartisan support and he has to offer the democrats something. promises at the beginning of his political career were. quite revolutionary so to speak he was promising. republican conservative politics with morse public spending for you know the forgotten men women that he mentions every every so often so he could work very well with them accredit saying let's build a better infrastructure re modernize the country put bring forward digitalisation apprenticeship programs you know making the american public a ready for the jobs of the twenty first century these could all be very much unifiers economic unifiers that would make would already announced his recounts in two thousand and twenty but we'll have to see whether he goes into that kid. republicans aren't very fond of spending public money and with the tax law of twenty seventeen there's much not much wiggle room for these expenditures nicholas
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witchell say thank you so much for joining us. and doubly we'll be broadcasting the president trumps state of the union address which is due to a shuttle to start at two am u.t.c. you can watch it here live a second look now at some of the other stories making news around the world separatists in yemen backed by the united arab emirates seize the area around the presidential palace in the southern city of aden comes after clashes with forces still loyal to president about rather one man so hardy's government yemen's prime minister is reported to be preparing to flee the country for saudi arabia. syria peace talks in the russian resort of sochi and ended with a statement according to democratic elections and a plan to rewrite the constitution but the opposition is leadership which boycotted the event at the conference merely serve the interests of president bashar al assad
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the u.s. france on the united kingdom also stayed away. australia chance us about in courts as welcome to hungary and prime minister viktor orban to vienna for talks on migration those are called suspect hungry and other countries who oppose you migrant quotas and want increased border security the chance of conservatives or governing in coalition with a far right party. kenya's government has outlawed rather a dangerous national resistance movement after the opposition leader took a symbolic presidential oath of office at a mock ceremony in nairobi was a danger has disputed the country's presidential election results since last august the supreme court ordered a rerun in october which boycotted describing it as a sham after the ceremony mr adiga a dated his twitter profile to describe himself as president of the republic of kenya and in a tweet showing him at the market no gration it is dr himself has graciously
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accepting the mandate given us by the kenyan people. thousands a symbol to in the kenyan capital to support opposition leader while odinga supporters have been gathering in a federal park since early this morning. it's an important day for us and out come on time i don't want to miss out i say are we out with. this if they are that the citizens of this country are not allowed to this will be a summer here and the left all presidents as well the posters of all. the police initially used tear gas to disperse the crowd while odinga wanted to use this occasion to denounce a vision he says was brought about by election rigging at noon he we cited an oath of office in a mock inauguration and pronounced himself the people's president. today it's a historical day in our country of kenya he said kenyans have decided to remove
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themselves from the dictatorship that came about through feldstein and. shortly after his speech didn't get disappeared kenya's attorney general has threatened to charge him with treason which could lead to capital punishment the government has denounced the opposition as a quote organized criminal group despite international recognition of president who took his reelection amid low voter turnout he had three private broadcaster shut down to prevent a live transmission of a ceremony present affecting the media for that person to have the right information center and that was just what i would think is a social media which. is a very. big to get information on these presidents demand always be what's. the situation remained calm despite the turn of events in the kenyan capital over the past few months more than a ninety kenyans have been killed in election related disputes. germany's two main
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political parties have made a major breakthrough in that. efforts to form a new coalition government turns america's conservatives around the center left social democrats say they have reached agreement on refugee family reunions refugees already in germany will be allowed to bring their families to join them but they'll be a limit on the number who would be allowed to do that. i did a search on the parts is it a s.p.d. headquarters where those talks have been taking place or welcome charlotte both parties describing this as a win but it does have its critics. yes for sure lots of criticism today and i'd rather call it a progress than a breakthrough we have to remember that this topic of family reunification has been heatedly discussed since the so-called refugee crisis and twenty fifteen and the number of refugees actually affected as around one hundred fifty thousand a rather small number if you think about the more than eight hundred thousand people that came at the height of the refugee crisis but it's
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a matter of integration a matter of migration that has been attached to this question so it's been he did lead to discuss then finally the two parties could present an agreement today and both parties claiming victory the social democrats are saying look we have one thousand people a month being able to join with their family members in germany starting this august that is a major breakthrough and also. in cases of hardship refugees can still come to germany family members can still come to germany and then we have the conservatives on the other side who are saying now we've limited once and for all the migration to family reunification for those refugees mostly from from affected by the civil war in syria and the critics are saying that loses off this whole discussion while both parties are claiming victory the loser those refugees affected those
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that have been hoping to reignite with their families and especially human rights organizations and also the opposition in parliament the left parties saying this is a humanitarian catastrophe this decision that both parties have been taken and a matter of really cynicism claiming this as a victory. just a subtle. they're going to limit the numbers eventually ports affect their owners. yes they did put a figure on it it's one thousand a month. a family members that can reunite with their family members set up already here in germany in a month or so twelve thousand a year all right so they feel one thousand going to be an interesting discussion that takes place. i just talked reminder of our top story this hour u.s. president donald trump is preparing to deliver his first state of the union address
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and we're less celebrates a robust economy on push for congressional action on immigration and you don't need that speech. from washington as to where you t.c. . so for now i will have all for you at the top of the hour on the site live coverage from off state of the union address through the night here on the. children. linked to news from africa the world is your link to exceptional stories and discussion from the use of these events and i would say debbie that comes to. join us on facebook. for cause.


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